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What's New:
Searchable Infrared Library Version 1.0 dated January 17, 2014
SWGDRUG Recommendations were updated to Version 6.1 on November 1, 2013
SWGDRUG developed questions as a resource and training tool. The subject categories and questions are based upon the ENFSI Education and Training Outline for Forensic Drug Practitioners
Searchable Mass Spectral Library Version 2.0 dated January 1, 2014
Drug Monographs (being updated weekly)
West Virginia University is conducting a survey to better understand the status and needs of the seized drug analysis community. If you would like to participate in this survey, please visit their website http://forensictoxicology.eberly.wvu.edu/survey
NIST and DEA partnered to host a free workshop in Gaithersburg, MD on April 30 to May 1, 2013, to explore emerging trends in the analysis of synthetic cannabinoids, substituted cathinones, and novel hallucinogens. To view the webcast, please visit the Emerging Trends in Synthetic Drugs Workshop webpage.
SWGDRUG's Mission:
The mission of SWGDRUG is to recommend minimum standards for the forensic examination of seized drugs and to seek their international acceptance.
We hope that you find our website easy to navigate and encourage you to forward any suggestions or comments to the SWGDRUG facilitator at: swgdrug@hotmail.com
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