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What's New:
Draft SWGDRUG Recommendations Version 7.1 was updated to harmonize with relevant ASTM standards. Please review this version and comment by January 12th, 2016.
Searchable Mass Spectral Library Version 2.4 (dated December 30, 2015)
Searchable Infrared Library Version 1.2 (dated May 26, 2015)
Drug Monographs (being updated weekly)
SWGDRUG Recommendations Version 7.0 was approved on August 14th, 2014.
There have been numerous inquiries as to how the formation of the Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) will affect SWGDRUG's future. SWGDRUG will continue to work as part of the international community to improve the quality of the forensic examination of seized drugs. In addition, the resources provided on the SWGDRUG website will continue to be updated and available.
ENFSI-DWG has recently published a new Guideline on Sampling of Illicit Drugs for Quantitative Analysis and a corresponding Sampling Calculator, both of which have been posted to this website.
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SWGDRUG's Mission:
SWGDRUG works to improve the quality of the forensic examination of seized drugs and to respond to the needs of the forensic community by supporting the development of internationally accepted minimum standards, identifying best practices within the international community, and providing resources to help laboratories meet these standards.
We hope that you find our website easy to navigate and encourage you to forward any suggestions or comments to the SWGDRUG facilitator at: swgdrug@hotmail.com

Last Update January 2016

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