7. Prohibited substances in doping control

  1. All natural steroids are chemically derived from what chemical?
  2. Describe the differences between the steroid classes.
  3. Steroids are typically found in what form?
  4. What are the most commonly abused steroids?
  5. What is (usually) the desired effect when using steroids?
  6. Steroids are only illegal in the EU under certain circumstances. What are those circumstances?
  7. In the United States, how are steroids scheduled?
  8. What is HGH?
  9. What are the special difficulties encountered when analyzing HGH or similar substances?
  10. What are the three most common dosage formulations of steroids?
  11. What determines the lipid solubility of a steroid?
  12. What factors complicate the analysis of steroids by GC?
  13. In the IR analysis of steroids what can be problematic?

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