Archived Documents:
The following documents have been archived and replaced with new versions. These documents are provided for historical purposes only.

Date Archived
Supplemental Document SD-2 2006-February-09 December 2023
SWGDRUG Recommendations 2019-June-13 Version 8.0 August 2022
Supplemental Document SD-5 2012-July-12 Version 0 August 2022
SWGDRUG Recommendations 2016-June-9 Ed. 7.1 June 2019
Supplemental Document SD-6 2017-October-16 October 2017
SWGDRUG Recommendations 2014-August-14 Ed. 7.0
June 2016
SWGDRUG Recommendations 2013-November-01 Ed. 6.1
August 2014
August 2014
SWGDRUG Recommendations 2011-July-07 Ed. 6.0
November 2013
January 2013
SWGDRUG Recommendations 2011-January-27 Ed. 5.1
July 2011
Supplemental Document SD-3 2010-01-28
July 2011
SWGDRUG Recommendations 2010-January-29 5th Ed
January 2011
SWGDRUG Recommendations 2008-October-01 4th Ed
January 2010
SWGDRUG Recommendations 2007-August-09 3rd Ed
October 2008
January 2008
SWGDRUG Recommendations 2006-February-09 2nd Ed
August 2007
Methods of Analysis/Drug Identification
February 2006
Sampling Seized Drugs for Qualitative Analysis
February 2006
Education and Training
February 2006
February 2006
February 2006
Quality Assurance General
February 2006
Quality Assurance/Validation of Analytical Methods
February 2006
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