Supplemental Documents:
Supplementary documents are not SWGDRUG recommendations. Supplementary documents are intended to be a resource for those responsible for implementing SWGDRUG recommendations. These documents are not inclusive and SWGDRUG recognizes that there are many ways of implementing the recommendations. These are living documents and as such, SWGDRUG invites comments.

Supplemental Document SD-1
For Part I A Code of Professional Practice for Drug Analysts
Supplemental Document SD-2
For Part IVB
Supplemental Document SD-3
For Part IVC
Examples of Measurement Uncertainty for Weight Determinations
Supplemental Document SD-4
For Part IVC
Examples of Measurement Uncertainty for Purity Determinations
Supplemental Document SD-5
For Part IVA
Reporting Examples
(Public Comments and SWGDRUG Responses)
Supplemental Document SD-6 For Part IVC
Examples of Measurement Uncertainty for Extrapolations of Net Weight and Unit Count
Supplemental Document SD-7
For Part III B
Methods of Analysis/Analytical Scheme for Identification of Drugs or Chemicals - Construction of an Analytical Scheme
(Public Comments and SWGDRUG Responses)
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